Spawned in the minds of Karen and Stinke, The Giant Peach was created as a means for independent labels (with an emphasis on hip hop) and artists to produce their own line of garments and distribute it to the masses. After much planning, The Giant Peach was born in 1999. In May of 2000, the Peach expanded to the web. The Giant Peach also began to carry the clothing lines of popular design artists and collectives, mainly from local designers and friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. While we still do production, wholesale and tour support for a number of the record labels and artists, our primary focus has become the website.
Loving the new @goodwoodnyc Egyptian themed jewelry. #goodwoodnyc #horus #anubis #eyeofhorus (Taken with instagram)
  1. Loving the new @goodwoodnyc Egyptian themed jewelry. #goodwoodnyc #horus #anubis #eyeofhorus (Taken with instagram)

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